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Debbie Hunt,
Head of Marketing, Aquavista Ltd

A massive thank you for all your hard work and patience in helping us get the café open.  We couldn't have done it without you!

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Francis Zahar,
Founder, Za'ta

I met Ed back in 2018 in order to discuss the project of having my mother’s recipes in a fast food chain. He immediately embraced the passion behind the story and assisted me with his wide experience in preparing a detailed market study, recruiting the proper team, setting the operation procedures… we have built consequently a very solid concept that is different and new in the hospitality industry. 
With his decency, integrity and respect of the human being, he became my business partner in this challenging venture and of course my very good friend.


Oded Omer,
CEO and Co-founder

I was first connected to Grovewood consultants following a great recommendation from a marketer professional in the UK. We started to work with Ed Grimes on a daily basis and were extremely impressed by his ability to deeply analyse the UK market, assemble and execute an action plan, and keep high responsiveness for all our needs. Grovewood consultants, and Ed Grimes specifically, are food-tech professionals in the UK and are probably the best place to go for companies that are trying to penetrate this Market. Oded Omer, Founder and CEO, Wasteless, Sell More, Waste Less.

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René Batsford,
Co-Founder, Checkfer Ltd

I have known Ed Grimes for many years since working together, as well as for Ed at EAT. It’s been great working with Ed again at Checkfer/OrderPay/LoPay. Ed’s operational know how, insights and experience have been invaluable. Ed has helped us greatly, introducing us to brands as well as investment opportunities and more importantly helping land it. We are very proud and fortunate to have Ed as a colleague. René Batsford, Co-Founder, Checkfer  OrderPay.

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