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Grovewood Services

Here are a list of the services we offer. 

If you don't see what you are looking for, please get in touch and we will help if we can, or we are likely to be able to recommend someone.  

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New Concept Development

Helping you to take your idea for a concept and turning it into a fully functioning commercially viable,  trading café, restaurant or shop. 


Feasibility Studies

In depth research and completion of detailed feasibility studies, to include full financials, breakeven forecasts and potential locations for stores.

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Full guidance and support in scaling up your existing business.  Through gaining a full understanding of your business, and the challenges it faces, we will work with you to define the scale-up strategy that is right for you, guiding you through the obstacles and leveraging our experience of opening close to 100 stores in a wide variety of formats


Operational Excellence

Maintaining standards  in one or two stores can be relatively simple.  We will provide you with the tools, and coach you on the leadership style required, to deliver operational excellence  as your business grows in size.


Leveraging Technology

As pressures on margins and resources intensify, technology is becoming even more important in retail and hospitality.  We can support in finding the right tech solutions for your business and work with you on trial and implementation.

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Brand Activation

We are experienced at working with both new and established brands to develop their sales in  the UK market, through leveraging our network and defining growth strategies.


Operational Efficiency

From smart scheduling through to transformational culture  changes, we will complete a full assessment of your business to identify, design and implement new, efficient ways of working that will transform your margin performance whilst enhancing the customer experience.

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Best In Class Service

As market conditions toughen and the demand for quality employees intensifies, we will work with you to implement sustainable, often transformational, practices to support your teams to deliver service that is truly best in class.

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