Unlocking sales through improved service

This company was competitive on its product offer but falling way behind the competition when it came to service.  This was obviously compromising its sales potential.

Working in partnership with the HR Director (Ed Godwin, Fishtail HR), I led the Operations Team through a complete change in its approach to its front-line teams. 

What happened? A customer-focused set of  behaviours led to a new job description for all customer-facing teams.  At trial stage the teams in four stores were assessed against the customer-focused behaviours.  Those who ticked the right boxes were given an increased pay-rate and bonus.  Those who didn't?  Initially they were moved to another store.  We called this Rewarding Talent.

The result? Over 1,000 team members assessed against the new criteria,  double digit like for like sales growth and an immediate increase in positive customer service feedback measured through an independent brand tracker.