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Ed is a results focused leader who has an engaging personality and a very open communication style.  He is a very solid operator who has also proven himself as a credible strategist with a fully transferable skill set   Ed has a very collaborative approach to getting things done with a relentless drive to continually do what is right for the business, empowering his people to help him to deliver the very best. Strahan Wilson, Chief Financial Officer, Côte Restaurants

I have had the pleasure of working with Ed for over 10 years as a board Director. Ed has a great style of leadership and really takes his people with him on his journey through business.  He instinctively knows which levers to pull to generate the results that he is looking for and works collaboratively whilst maintaining a laser focus on the end goal.  He tackles the issues that matter and is fearless in doing so.  He listens, is considerate and fair to his people during challenging times and I truly hope our paths cross again in the future. Ed Godwin, Founder-Fishtail HR

Ed is one of those people who you have worked with who you would want to work with again, without question.  It was quite obvious from my first meeting Ed at Pret that he was a talented man with enormous potential.  He is dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate about retail.  He manages, motivates and develops people, realising their potential to deliver great results. Andrew Shanahan, Former Operations Director, Pret A Manger

Ed has a raft of business skills acquired in senior roles of household name multi-site retailers. He is an expert in addressing head on and resolving any operational challenge the business could possibly encounter.  He resolves issues collaboratively through asking and listening to the site’s team before applying good judgement in coming up with a solution that goes to the heart of the problem and is implemented by the staff.  He will then roll that learning or changed behaviour out across all units if it drives efficiency or profits.  

Guy Harvey, former MD, EAT. Ltd


I was first connected to Grovewood consultants following a great recommendation from a marketer professional in the UK. We started to work with Ed Grimes on a daily basis and were extremely impressed by his ability to deeply analyse the UK market, assemble and execute an action plan, and keep high responsiveness for all our needs. Grovewood consultants, and Ed Grimes specifically, are food-tech professionals in the UK and are probably the best place to go for companies that are trying to penetrate this Market. Oded Omer, Founder and CEO, Wasteless, Sell More, Waste Less.

I have known Ed Grimes for many years since working together, as well as for Ed at EAT. It’s been great working with Ed again at Checkfer / OrderPay. Ed’s operational know how, insights and experience have been invaluable. Ed has helped us greatly, introducing us to brands as well as investment opportunities and more importantly helping land it. We are very proud and fortunate to have Ed as a colleague. René Batsford, Co-Founder, Checkfer  OrderPay

Ed is an experienced operator and gets results through people, in the right way.  I learned stuff from Ed.  I also had a super experience working with him.  Someone I like a lot and admire in equal measure - top chap.  

Paul Whyte, Managing Director, Best Food Logistics