Maximising availability, minimising waste

As Retail Director of a Food-To -Go brand that produced its food in a Central Kitchen, I addressed the issue of undeclared waste.  Undeclared waste is product that is missing from the stores but can't be traced.

By implementing simple yet effective stock control methods, that tracked each product's journey from the Central Kitchen to the shop, onto the shelves and through to sale or waste, I was able to get to the source of the undeclared waste problem.  A great deal of it wasn't actually leaving the Central Kitchen!

How did addressing the undeclared waste help availability?  It meant that managers could order their stock confidently, and be able to push product availability towards the end of the trading day, knowing that their daily waste allowance could be made up of actual waste rather than missing stock. 


During my tenure, I reduced undeclared waste from 2% of revenue to just 0.4%.