Driving Labour Efficiency

Striking the balance between having enough people on shift and not over-spending on your labour budget is not always easy.  Have too few people on shift and you can't take the revenue, have too many and the revenue you have taken is eroded.

As Head of Retail of a rapidly growing FMCG brand, I was confronted with an operator's worst nightmare....having no visibility of my weekly labour cost.  Working with the Finance Director to set up a suite of weekly reports, I was able to tackle labour overspend in real-time.  Combining this with accurate budgeting, built using Transactions Per Man Hour as a basis and  that treated "comparable" shops in the same way, I was able to deliver a step-change in labour spend reduction.

During my tenure as Head of Retail, then Retail Director, I was able to drive a 4% reduction in labour cost.